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Water / Wastewater Infrastructure


Our Nation’s water/wastewater infrastructure is essential to maintaining the quality of life we experience in the United States. From delivering clean drinking water to preventing wastewater from reaching our rivers and oceans, Lachel is experienced in all phases of the infrastructure planning and construction process. With experience in regions and conditions across the United States, Lachel has a 35 year history of assisting clients in bringing successful infrastructure projects online.


Our expertise includes:

  • Water Conveyance Tunnels
  • Sewer Interceptor Replacement and Upgrades
  • Combined Sewer Overflow Tunnels
  • Storm Drainage Tunnels / Flood Control Facilities


Take a look at a few examples of our recent water/wastewater projects:


Austin Clean Water Program
The Austin Clean Water Program (ACWP) was created in 2001 to comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s order to eliminate sanitary sewer overflows...


Chattahoochee RWT Tunnels
The Chattahoochee Raw Water Transmission Main project was constructed by the DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management as part of an effort to...