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Sweetheart Lake Hydroelectric Project

The Sweetheart Lake Hydroelectric Project is being developed by Juneau Hydropower Inc. (JHI) to satisfy Juneau, Alaska’s growing need for electricity.  The new 20-MW (Megawatt) hydroelectric facility is in development southeast of Juneau.  

The plans includes raising the existing Lower Sweetheart Lake approximately 85 ft by construction of a new, approximately 280-ft long, 90-ft high roller compacted concrete dam.  The facility also includes a 500-ft long diversion tunnel; an intake structure; a 12-ft diameter, 9,600-ft long unlined power tunnel; a 12-ft diameter, 200-ft long tailrace tunnel; two 100-ft gate shafts and a 6-ft diameter, 980-ft long penstock extending to the powerhouse.  

Together, Lachel and parent company Schnabel Engineering were selected to conduct a geologic field reconnaissance, confirm available historic geologic information, perform geologic mapping, and assist in preparation of preliminary maps for structural geologic database development.  Currently, Schnabel and Lachel are initiating the preliminary design phase of the work including tunnel and portal support design, shaft design, powerhouse excavation and foundation design, slope stability and abutment stability analysis, dam design and fish intake structure design.