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North Diverson Channel Bike Trails

The City of Albuquerque, in an effort to increase bike usage, has implemented a master plan to improve bike trails and paths throughout the city.  The North Diversion Channel trail project consisted of the design and construction of bike trails that cross beneath the Comanche Road, Candelaria Road, and Menaul Boulevard bridges along the North Diversion Channel.  All three crossings are located on the west side of the channel.  The existing channel is constructed with 2 to 1 (horizontal to vertical) side slopes with 8 inch thick concrete paving.  The bike trail was notched into the side slope of the existing channel by ramping down from the top of the channel on one side of the bridge, crossing beneath the bridge, and then ramping back up to the top of the channel.  The trail is about 11.5 ft in width with a 2 percent cross slope and a 0.5 to 1 (horizontal to vertical) back slope.  Construction of the trail required very steep temporary slopes, both the trail surface and the back slope were surfaced with concrete.    

Lachel provided professional engineering services related to the temporary stabilization of slopes associated with the bike trail.  Our services included soil stability analyses, recommendation of a slope stability plan, and onsite construction observations during the excavation of the temporary (unsupported) cut slopes.