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W-2 Transmission Line

Following the mandate to reduce groundwater usage by 30%, the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) developed the Groundwater Reduction Plan (GRP) that includes treating surface water from Lake Conroe and distributing it through a network of pipelines to areas in The Woodlands, the I-45 corridor, and the City of Conroe.  The W-2 Water Transmission Line Project is part of The Woodlands pipeline. 

The W-2 Transmission Line consists of approximately 34,000 ft of 30-inch and 42-inch waterlines along the southbound right-of-way from South Millbend Drive to Green Bridge Drive.  Along the proposed alignment the waterline will cross numerous existing roads, utilities, and waterways. 

The soils generally consisted of clayey sand, silty sand, poorly graded sand, sandy lean clay, lean clay, fat clay, and sandy fat clay soils extending to depths of about 30 to 50 ft.  The pipeline will mainly be installed by open-cut excavation except at 28 key crossings where trenchless excavations are proposed. 

Lachel performed site reconnaissance of the undercrossings, reviewed the available geotechnical information, recommended appropriate trenchless construction methods, and aided the preparation of the preliminary report.  The project is currently in the final design phase and Lachel is providing input that includes analysis and recommendations regarding anticipated trenchless methods, expected ground response to excavation, cost and constructability, and evaluation of access shaft sizes and limits.