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Constructability and Cost Estimating

Constructability2_200px.jpgCost estimators must know construction.  Lachel’s staff includes several former contractors, and our ability to “build the job on paper” stems from years of doing it as tunnel contractors with money on the line.  Our knowledge of means and methods, our geotechnical and ground characterization expertise, and our experience with contractual risk and risk exposure uniquely qualifies us to provide quality constructability review and cost estimating services.

Constructability1_200px.jpg Our constructability review services go beyond basic analysis of various construction means and methods. It is bolstered by our ongoing design and construction management efforts across the country that keep us abreast of the latest and most innovative ground support systems and solutions.  Together with our cost estimating and risk management capabilities our constructability review services allow us to continually evaluate underground solutions to determine impacts on project cost, schedule, function, and suitability.

Accurate cost estimates are required throughout the life of a project and we provide cost estimating services appropriate for each phase, from initial conceptual level estimates to the Engineers’ Opinion of Probable Cost following completion of final design.  Our range of services extends into the bid phase of the project as well, where we provide bid-check or parallel estimates for contractors bidding the work in Heavy Bid format, thus allowing us to seamlessly integrate our estimates with the contractors.

Some of our services include:

  • Conceptual Level Estimates
  • Probabilistic Cost Assessment (w/ Confidence Intervals)
  • Engineers’ Opinion of Probable Cost
  • Bid-Check Estimates (in HCSS format)