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Risk Management

PortOfMiami1_200px.jpgProactive risk management is the most effective approach to successful underground project execution. Lachel provides comprehensive risk management services including program development and facilitation, oversight and implementation.

Specifically, our services include:

  • Risk register development
  • Qualitative risk analysis
  • Mitigation measure tracking and verification
  • Probabilistic quantitative analyses of cost and schedule impacts
  • Budget and schedule contingency analysis

Lachel brings value to the table with risk management expertise that systematically evaluates the wide range of risk issues that can occur on underground projects, and which are known to impact cost and schedules, such as planning, contractual, economic, political, 3rd party, engineering, construction, operational and maintenance concerns. From the early project planning phase through design and construction, Lachel provides risk management services and strategies fundamental to successful underground projects.