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Tunnel Inspection and Rehabilitation

UnionCanal2_200px.jpgLachel tunnel inspection teams have evaluated pre-Civil War railroad tunnels, National Park highway tunnels, live sewer tunnels, old mine drifts, water conveyance tunnels, subway tunnels, and even an underground unlined chimney. The company has developed safe access and inspection protocols for integration with owner safety, permitting, access, and lockout procedures to provide safe and efficient inspections and to minimize operational disruption.

Lachel has prepared full rehabilitation designs including construction cost estimates for successful rehabilitation of numerous tunnels. Several rehabilitations went beyond a direct repair, requiring modification of the tunnel for an alternate use and/or enlarging the existing tunnel opening. Lachel is available during the rehabilitation construction phase to ensure that the design objectives are met and to respond to issues as they arise.


Our services include:

  • Facility Inspection
  • Evaluation of Existing Ground Support
  • Evaluation of Existing Geotechnical and Groundwater Conditions
  • Preparation of Rehabilitation Design Alternatives
  • Development of Re-entry Safety and Ventilation Procedures